Wednesday, October 21, 2009

N is for Nipple!

We took my grandaughter to the county fair and she enjoyed "milking" the cow. She really had a lot of fun and took it very seriously. The real animals freaked her out but this wooden cow she enjoyed! Go figure.
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Leslie: said...

That's so cute! When I saw your title, I was almost afraid to scroll down, though. lol

Jennifer Bowen said...

How cute! That must have been a fun, yet weird experience for her. =)

Tumblewords: said...

She's as smart as she is beautiful! Wooden cows are far easier to milk!

S said...

hehe- This is so cute that she was not frightened of the wooden one. Maybe the fact that it did not move, let her feel safe? Just precious!
(found you via ABC Wed and...we're geographical neighbors. I live in the DC area)

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Roger Owen Green said...

Yeah, gthe title was...suggestive but the story cute.

Nydia said...

I had the same reaction as Leslie! LOL But it was worthy the scrolling down, your granddaughter is so cute!!! Loved the post!