Monday, December 21, 2009


Let it snow, let it snow let it STOP!
It started at 10 pm on Friday and snowed till midnight on Saturday. This was the earliest storm of this size on record for the Baltimore area. We received about 24 inches and Saturday the city came to a halt. It was the great! I didn't have to work and I stayed in my jammies till noon ! Wrapped all my Christmas gifts and rearranged my kitchen cupboards. It's Tuesday now and they still haven't plowed my street. The snow has frozen to the road and the three miles to the main street is a long scary ride. Ok I'm ready for spring! More ABC Wednesday on the sidebar.

Same shot different day!

I love to see the same shot in a different season. This was the day after the blizzard of 2009. Annapolis measured 24 inches of snow. It was beautiful on Sat but this is Tuesday morning and my street still hasn't been plowed!